Prickly Pete’s Haworthia World


I breed to intensify and combine leaf and window coloration, leaf texture and leaf shape traits.

My name is George. I’ve been hybridizing Haworthia for almost 20 years.

Haworthia leaf anatomy - the plant body is a rosette of flattened, succulent, windowed leaves.

haworthia leaf

The traits I breed for:

leaf pigmentation and window spotting

window texture and spination

leaf shape and window morphology

The parents - some of the main species I use in my crosses

The naming of Haworthia species is controversial and always changing. It’s difficult to keep up with the name changes. I stick with the older and common names since most Haworthia people will know what spendens and picta and truncata are.

Haworthia splendens - contributes red, pink, brown coloration and leaf spotting.

Haworthia picta - contributes coloration and leaf sotting

Haworthia major - contributes leaf texture and coloration

Haworthia truncata and maughanii - contribute unusual leaf shape

Haworthia enigma - phosphorescent green overlay

other species I use in crosses

the Pricklypete hybrids

I started hybridizing before the turn of the century. To keep up with my crosses, in 2005 I started numbering them Prickly Pete (just a cute name I gave them) #. PP1 (Scarlet Begonias F2 cross) was the first cross after I implemented my numbering system. As of summer 2016 I am up to PP164.

adopted by others

Update Summer 2017: I will no longer be offering plants on ebay. I am starting an exciting new venture with a colleague: Artisan Plants. The goal of Artisan Plants is to create, propagate and offer the most beautiful succulents in the world. I am working on ramping up my production of Haworthia hybrids and we have other exciting plans in the works as well. Plants will be offered exclusively through the Artisan Plants website.